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Fine art print of the night sky and milky way taken in St. John, USVI.
  • Celestial Symphony Over Annaberg

    PriceFrom $84.15

    "Celestial Symphony Over Annaberg" is a breathtaking landscape art piece that captures the ethereal beauty of the Annaberg ruins under the night sky in St. John. The ancient stone structures of Annaberg, rich with historical significance, stand as silent witnesses to the passage of time. Bathed in the soft, silvery glow of moonlight, they create a striking contrast against the deep, velvety blackness of the night. Dominating the sky above is the awe-inspiring Milky Way core, a luminous ribbon of stars that stretches across the heavens in a dazzling display of cosmic splendor. The stars, in their myriad hues and intensities, form a symphonic array of light that seems to dance in harmony with the ruins below. This celestial phenomenon, depicted with meticulous attention to detail, evokes a sense of wonder and insignificance, inviting viewers to ponder the vastness of the universe.


    The piece masterfully combines elements of natural and human history, blending the rugged beauty of the Caribbean landscape with the profound mystery of the night sky. "Celestial Symphony Over Annaberg" is not just a visual feast but an emotional journey, capturing the serene yet powerful connection between earth and cosmos, past and present. This artwork serves as a reminder of our place in the universe and the timeless beauty that surrounds us.


    This exquisite wall art is available in multiple formats to suit your aesthetic preferences and décor needs:


    • Metal: Experience a sleek, modern look with sharp details and a glossy finish that enhances the vivid colors.
    • Canvas: Enjoy a classic, textured appearance that adds depth and dimension to your space, perfect for a traditional or rustic setting.
    • Fine Art Paper: Appreciate the refined quality of a professional print that offers exceptional clarity and a rich, luxurious feel.
    • Acrylic: Revel in a contemporary, high-gloss finish that provides stunning depth and a polished, gallery-like presentation.

      Acrylic Prints are beautiful photo prints face-mounted to plexiglass with polished edges.

      Fine Art Canvas Wraps are printed directly onto museum-quality canvas material using high-quality archival inks.

      Metal Prints are made using a revolutionary process that infuses the image directly into specially coated metal sheets for color vibrancy, luminescence, and durability that is unparalleled.


      Shipping Damage

      We do our utmost to ensure that your prints are packaged carefully and arrive safely at their destination.

      If your items arrived damaged, please keep all packaging and contents and contact us with your order number for further instructions. If possible, please include a photo showing the problem on the product as well as the shipping packaging. We will do whatever we can to get a replacement out the door as soon as possible.


      We take pride in the work we produce. If you are not satisfied with your order, please contact us with your order number and as much information about how we can improve your product as possible. Our Customer Service Team will be happy to work with you on a resolution.

      Image Coloring

      Image colors can vary slightly across device screens.  We assume no responsibility for slight color variation in physical print and product page.



      All items are shipped from printer direct to you.

      • Shipping fees depend on the size of the print.
        • Ground - 20x30 to 30x45 $31.24
          Ground - 40x40 to 40x60 $133.49
        • 2-Day - 20x30 to 30x45 $25.24
          2-Day - 40x40 to 40x60 $127.49
      • Due to shipping requirements and the potential for damage, some products must be crated at an additional cost. This includes all MetalPrints over 30" on the short side or over 40" in length, as well as all Canvas Prints 40" and over on the short side or 60" over in length.
      • For all shipping to AK, HI, overnight, to US Territories, please reach out for a quote.
      • Expediting shipping does not decrease production time.  Production time vaires based on medium from 2-8 business days.
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