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Let's Plan Your Family Photo Session!

We are so excited to work with you to create an amazing custom portrait experience!

The first step is to book your zoom portrait design consultation with me. I will handhold you through all of the planning including picking the perfect location to fit your style and  discuss best dates and times with you depending on the needs of your family, and then I will help you design what artwork will fit best in your home.

Your photographs are generational heirlooms and we take that responsibility very seriously while ensuring a relaxed and fun experience shooting with me. 

After your session, you will schedule your zoom ordering appointment where I will help you sift and sort through your images and pick out your final pieces. I will then make sure your selections are flawless, and order your wall art and albums to be drop shipped directly to your doorstep and I will deliver your digital collection via email. 

Though we do have some clients who spend $5k-$10k and beyond, adorning their homes with custom artisan wall portraits and albums, our average client tends to spend around $1k-$3K and we can absolutely work with budgets as low as $800-1000. 

At your consultation, I will collect a session deposit of $500 that will include a $300 credit towards your photo order.  Full session fee will be determined at the pre-session conference.  All artwork selections will be made at your ordering appointment following your session. We do ask that any decision makers are present at your ordering appointment so that we can ensure a speedy turnaround time on your order. Extra follow up ordering appointments with your designer to finalize lingering orders will require an extra fee. Thank you for understanding!

To choose your design consultation time, click the button below. Have a wonderful day and we can't wait to create something fabulous with you!

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